Grip Strips

Grip Strips

If Your Futon Doesn't listen and stay on the frame properly, you need to try the OTIS GRIP STRIPS!

GRIP STRIPS are just what the doctor ordered to effectively keep your Otis futon in place; keeps it from sliding down in the frame. IT REALLY DOES WORK!!! Since Otis Bed's futons are so plush and plump, customers who are not used to this in a futon may have an initial troubles bending their futon or getting it to stay in place. TRY THESE, THEY ARE THE BEST GRIPPERS ON THE MARKET, HANDS DOWN…BECAUSE THEY WORK! These strips are designed so that the bottom of the strip adheres to the slats of the frame (so it doesn't move), and the top of the strip (made of foam) holds the futon by the resistance or friction created between the foam on the strip and the futon's fabric as they touch. 

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Placement of your Grip Strips
In order to receive the maximum benefit of the Grip Strips, we recommend:


  • You purchase one complete set (which includes 2 pieces, or 1 pair). One for the seat deck and one for the back deck. NOTE: if only one Grip Strip is purchased, then place it on the seat deck.
  • Placement of the strips should be as close to the edge as possible along the length of the frame.
  • On the seat deck, place one towards the front edge on the top of the frame's slats.
  • On the back deck, place the strip towards the top of the edge of the frame's slats.