Futon Mattresses

The original term futon (derived from the Orient hundreds of years ago) means cotton mattress. Basic and natural in its initial design, futons are dual purpose and versatile (sofa by day; bed by night), perfect for the health conscious alternative sleep individuals (and all us slackers too!). Over the years we have found that 100% cotton futons tend to pack down and become extremely firm and heavy, so we began to incorporate foam to the mix to eliminate this tendency. Then we added polyester to add more softness. Eventually our engineers removed all traces of cotton and used only high-density foam and polyester; that created the "Cotton-less" futon craze! Known as innovators in the industry, Otis Bed utilized its knowledge in the medical industry along with the latest advances in technology to manufacture our signature line of high performance cushion and sleep systems.





Power packed HYBRID Mattress that gives you the benefits of the upper-end multi-function mattress line tailored into a semi-soft 6” shell. What more could you want from an entry-level convertible mattress? High Performance Quality, for less!

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Our dynamic multi-high density HYBRID foam mattress cradles your body in an exclusive sumptuous firm comfort that is pressurized with an extra-firm comforting soul in its center. This versatile mattress is not too thick, nor too thin. It is not too hard, nor too soft…it is just right!

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futon_moonshadow.jpgTotal Amazement is the best way to describe the feel of this high performance futon.  You feel totally relaxed as you bask in the elite plush comfort of this cushy futon that is unmatched even by your best sofa.  Our most popular futon across the nation!  Feel the Excitement!
futon_haley90.jpgCaptures the soul of the 110, but delivers a softer, denser long-lasting support.
futon_luxury.jpgOur Original Cotton-less futon that pioneered the way for our high performance futon line.  Delivers a unique soft touch with long-term support.


A popular multi-purpose futon engineered to release a not to soft and not to firm feel.  Generous amounts of highly resilient foam and polyester are utilized to create this futon that resists change in support after many years of use; guaranteed! 
futon_150.jpgSimilar in design to its counterpart Haley’s, but this model addresses extra-firm sleep needs.

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futon_quasar.jpgOur Special Edition mattress that will revolutionize your daytime relaxation and your primary sleep experience!  This opulent mattress captures the essence of our Quad-Density Foam Construction that brings together visco-elastic foam with latex-like foam to sensor your body’s weight, form and temperature for moldable pressure relieving support.  Simply, the Quasar is the ultimate in futon couture!
futon_pulsar.jpgThe best valued visco-elastic futon! This Body-Contouring memory foam futon cushioning system is unmatchable in comfort and design!  It’s temperature sensitive nature is technically advanced that it relieves pressure by fingerprinting and adjusting to your body’s individualized contours.  Never toss and turn or move again!



futon_gemini.jpgIf you want an exclusive and energized feel while sitting or sleeping, this one is for you!  This advanced design unifies the comforting support of Atomicä and Neutron™ latex-like foam to deliver a greater amount of comfort that envelops your entire body.  Truly, a Gem for life!
futon_phoenix.jpgA vitalized spring-like, medium soft feel will envelop your body when you experience the regal plush comfort of our multi-high-density soft and firm foams pressurized together in this high profile mattress.  The Phoenix rises again!
futon_liberty.jpgThis regal mattress has an invigorating firm synergy that is produced when the multi-density foam layers are pressurized together, creating an energized spring-like extra-firm feel (without springs) that is extremely durable and comfortable.



futon_galaxy.jpgWe’ve married the best of both worlds (highly resilient foam along with the workhorse innerspring of the industry) and designed the worlds first totally foam encased pressurized innerspring futon that delivers a lively firm feel that moves with you and DOESN’T bottom out!

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Key Value Messages for Otis Futons 


To supply a cushioning product that is of outstanding overall value, which results in the end user being willing to refer Otis Bed to others. The aim for our mattresses is simple. To be as COMFORTABLE as they are DURABLE. 


Comfortable - to be as comfy, if not more so than traditional upholstered sofas when being used as a couch. Also, to be flexible and conformable so as not to cause painful, unhealthy pressure points *(which affect circulation to joints and surrounding tissue) for the occasional or every night sleeper. "As a supplier of pressure management therapy mattresses to the health care industry, we feel uniquely qualified to present mattress constructions with these claims." 


Durable - While nothing lasts forever, this futon mattress is engineered to keep its shape and resist change in firmness on the edge and other critical sitting and sleeping areas better than any cotton based futon mattress construction. More resilient top quality cushioning materials.


The value of a cushioning material's ability to maintain its initial characteristics is best illustrated when compared to an automobile tire. Cushioning material with a low ability to maintain its supportive nature can be likened to a tire that goes flat and cannot be reinflated. A tire with its characteristic would be of little or no value except one whose needs were very temporary.