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Dealer Warranty Certificate - The Futon Frame Cushioning System

Ten Year Product Warranty

We, the people of Otis Bed Manufacturing fully warranty the materials and workmanship that goes into each product we build. All products manufactured by Otis Bed are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of Ten (10) years. This warranty covers costs associated with repair or complete replacement of the item once it is received at our factory location. Any product believed to be defective must be shipped* to our factory for evaluation. After inspection, Otis will determine the best possible solution (repair or replace) and will reship the item to either the dealer or directly to the original purchaser (by advisement of the dealer) at no charge.

*NOTE - According to store policy, the dealer or the end user (consumer), is responsible for all shipping charges connected with the return to our factory location.

This Warranty is void should products be misused; burned; damaged by urine, blood, or moisture; neglect; accident; improper operation; maintenance; storage; transportation; or handling.


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