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TruckDuring those long drives all you want to do is curl up in your mattress and sleep in peace, then wake up fully rested and ready to enter the highway again. We have created a mattress line especially for you. Otis Bed Manufacturing, offers you over 122 years of mattress manufacturing experience in every mattress we make. Eight (8) different mattresses to choose from that have been designed to give you the maximum comfort, support, and durability you need while you travel. Hand-made craftsmanship from the oldest family owned business in Western NY. Give your touring vehicle one of our low, medium or high profile high-performance mattresses and you will rest in comfort even on those bumpy roads. These high performance mattresses will exceed your expectations from the moment you take your mattress out of the compact box! Our compression packing process also stands as a pledge of quality that no other company can boast! Body impressions do not exist simply because we have already applied 30,000 tons of force on the mattress to get it inside that box! FedEx/UPS ready and Custom sizing is available. Sleep Well on the roads!
Stratospherelow profile (6) High Performance HD-Foam Mattress Supportive Medium-Soft Comfort Mercurymedium profile (7) High Performance Multi-high density foam Power-Packed Exclusive Firmness Haley 90high profile (8) Premium Performance HD-Foam Mattress Dense, yet Soft Support
Geminihigh profile (8) Super-Premium Performance Multi-High Density Latex-like Foam Mattress Soft Synergistic Feel Pulsarhigh profile (8) Optimal Performance Visco-elastic Foam Mattress Unique Body-Adjusting Support Haley"HaleyHaley110 high profile (8) Premium Performance HD-Foam Mattress Luxurious Firm Support
Galaxyhigh profile (8) Super-Premium Performance Spring mattress. Firm comfort Haley 150high profile (8) Premium Performance HD-Foam Mattress. Extra-firm comfort
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