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Otis Bedding Manufacturing Co. was founded by George A. Otis. He adopts the slogan…"WHAT IS HOME WITHOUT A GOOD BED?" and a goose as their logo. He began to hand make mattress sets out of steel springs, cotton and horsehair; his main mode of transportation was horse and buggy.

Otis enters the marketing arena…he started to advertise his products and write editorials in the local papers.

Otis Bedding is purchased by Walter Chadwick, switching owners, but retaining their same business strategies. The oldest document found (envelope to Mr. Otis that displayed the combination to his safe, pictured) in our possession from the original owner.

Timeline Timeline

Joseph Obstarczyk is employed at Otis Bed…little did he know at the time, it would be his family and his heirs that took Otis Bedding to its next growth stage.

Otis attends its First (1st) local home show and creates quite a craze (2 photo's featured).

Buffalo Home Show  Home Show

The unveiling of Otis's new White Swan Mattress Line (the label is pictured).


When the country was experiencing rough economic times, Walter Notman saw a future in Otis Bedding and became the new owner of the company.

Otis Bedding takes on partners…Joseph Obstarczyk (employee), Chester Obstarczyk (brother), and Max Fenske purchase Otis Bedding. Chester brings in his upholstering background (an extremely detailed trade) from Kittinger Furniture Company and a strong design focus to the company.

Otis Bedding goes global during the war years making mattresses sets and pillows for the influx of sick at the hospitals and prison camps, kapok covers for the airplane motors, and beds for the naval ships and the government.

Otis Bedding becomes a one-man show again when Chester Obstarczyk buys out the partners to become the sole owner of the company. Having endured the trials of the Great Depression and the war days, he vigorously forges out a philosophy of high quality & high value craftsmanship throughout his manufacturing standards and stressed this with his in-house personnel; for he knew if he didn't produce quality work in those days…he didn't work (and worse, he might not eat).

Stephanie Obstarczyk, Chester's wife of 16 years, assists her husband at Otis Bedding to complete a myriad of jobs ranging from sweeping the floors and sewing mattress covers to the all important job of raising two daughters (Carol and Geraldine).

Otis Bedding Manufacturing Co. continues to thrive in the WNY areas in institutional & commercial bedding. Due to their knowledge and experience as craftsman, Otis gains a stronger reputation in the medical world (hospitals and nursing homes) to produce specialized mattresses for their patients. Interior decorators for the wealthy also take an interest in Otis Bedding's products.

History repeats itself…John T. Roma purchases Otis Bedding Manufacturing Co. from his father-in-law, Chester Obstarczyk. He brings new life into Otis Bedding while he continues his purchasing career at the John W. Cowper Construction Co. Chester retires after a long and prosperous history, but his wife Stephanie works hard to train her son-in-law, John (Sr.) and grandson, John (Jr.). (Pictured is the NYS Department of Labor Certificate)

Labor Certificate  Mattress Logo

R&D explodes at Otis…designing a new product line called the Futon (a cotton mattress that is dual purpose; bed and sofa, pictured). Actually cotton mattresses were used hundreds of years ago in the orient and also on the throwns that carried Kings and Queens, but in the western world, we never referred to them as futons, so they were quite new to the conservative WNY area.


Otis Bedding Manufacturing Co. experiences growing pains, so John T. Roma dedicated all his efforts on his expanding business.

100 Years Old

Otis becomes incorporated, naming John T. Roma as President, John K. Roma is named Vice President, and Carol Roma (daughter of previous owner - Chester Obstarczyk) becomes Secretary/Treasurer.

Otis Bedding Mfg. Co. Inc. moves to a new location to allow for expansion (pictured is the new factory at 367 Hamburg St. in Buffalo, NY; second photo is the previous location on E. Delevan)

Hamburg Street  Timeline

Otis Bedding Manufacturing Co. Inc. goes retail...opening its first outlet in a strip plaza across from the University of Buffalo and is managed by daughter Karen Day and wife Carol Roma. We sold what we did best…mattresses and educated Erie County on the futon; also, introduced the heading, Futon, to the yellow pages.


Disaster Strikes…Our first retail store closes for 8 months due to a fire. Otis opens a second location in a strip plaza in Orchard Park, NY to keep retail alive.

Commons Plaze

Otis reopens its original University locations and decides to keep Orchard Park open. R&D goes back to work to improve the futon and the public responds favorably when we added optional foam and polyester layers to the futon for softness and extra life.

To spread information to our dealers, we become an active member of FANA (Futon Association of North America (which later becomes FAI, due to the International appeal) and SSA (Specialty Sleep Association) soon follows, logo's are pictured).

FAI logo  SSA Logo

Otis prepares to go national and explores the trade show arena in Washington DC and New York City. Our in-house salesmen intrigue many furniture stores and specialty shops with Otis products around the country.

On the local scene, Otis continues educating WNY on our quality products by attending Bridal Shows, Home Shows, and many attention focused contests. Our Allerest™ (allegy-free line) gains widespread respect and is brought public via Dr. Doris Rapp (a respected allergist and author of the book, Is This Your Child).

Buffalo Bridal Show  Child Book

ISPA Certificate Debuting at the Houston Futon Market is the evercomfort and luxury futon frame cushioning systems. The evercomfort is the original pocket coil futon mattress that is protected by a foam case to give a firm yet luxurious feel. The luxury is the original cotton-less (foam and fiber) futon that offers more of a sofa feel than the traditional futon feel.

Otis becomes a chain store…With the success of the first two Otis Bedding Factory Showrooms, they open store number 3 in the second largest strip plaza, the Southgate Plaza.

Recognized in the industry for its high performance mattresses and futons, Otis Bed joins ISPA (International Sleep Products Association).

Otis introduces the cush-coil (first foam encased innerspring futon mattress). This original design incorporates high-end upholstery manufacturing feature that prevents direct contact between the bonnell innerspring and the fiber batting that would chew away the edge support and clean tailoring of the cushion.

Otis reaches out to the Health Care Industry Issues and produces: the first spring based pressure management therapy mattress utilizing the original patented hand filled pocket coil design that can be used on either side (the nursing directors are confident of the pressure equalizing qualities and the benefits inherent with this mattress); the first symmetrically built all foam pressure management therapy mattress constructed with a softer foam closest to the patient than firmer grades as you go towards the center; and the first one side use infant crib foam mattress with adjustable temperature control (to present a warmer environment for the newborns).

Time Line Logo

Otis Bedding gets a face lift…We changed our name to Otis Bed Manufacturing …our logo changed from the goose to a moon with personality, and our slogan becomes "FOR RESTFUL SLEEP, WE HAVE THE PRODUCT, THE PRICE, & THE GUARANTEE". This was a softer look, much more fitting for retail sales. Otis Bed also ties with Serta and help to sell their line of beds.

Buffalo Made Striking innovation at Otis Bed! A Futon Frenzy hit when we addressed the wholesale markets needs and introduced 4 new futon frame cushioning systems (Moonshadow, Haley, Galaxy, Millennium) and press-packed these futons into small UPS-able boxes. This mode of shipping we unveiled at the Rhode Island Show revolutionized the industry and made warehousing easy.

Otis Bed hires Paragon Advertising to help them achieve a marketing program that matches their high quality ranking in the industry.

Hire Paragon

Otis continues to have fun with their hometown community, some events are Bed flipping contests, Bed Races, and Bed Moshing at Edgefest!

Bed Flipping Contest     Bed Race

EdgeFest 1996


Futon Expo 97 Otis Bed Manufacturing's reputation for striking innovation and producing high-tech mattresses and futons gains them a commanding lead in market share and the general public. Realizing their own strength, Otis plans for its rapidly growing future (by sighting a centralized location to build a brand new energy efficient manufacturing facility on and selling one retail location to a private owner of a futon specialty store (The Rowan Tree).

Otis's R&D competes against itself and introduces 4 unmatchable products (Gemini, Polaris, Nova, and the Stratosphere); all pressurized and able to be shipped via UPS. Otis's wide spread expansion unveils a need for more outside sales representation to spread their knowledge, so they hire 5 new independent sales reps.

Industrial Park Sign

Otis Bed opens its new home in November! Their new manufacturing facility allows them many benefits, esp. efficiency. Otis Bed donates new mattresses to the Ronald McDonald House to replace all the old sets; certificate presented to Otis is displayed.

House Certificate

Otis Bed teams with DuPont for R&D on a new line called the Innercomfort™ mattress that features DuPont Dacron R 3D Molded Cluster Fibers and our unique Comfort Lock Cushioning Method™ Technology.

Otis Bed opens the Futonic 2000 (Patent Certificate pictured) to the market. This remote controlled electronic frame with an optional tri-speed massage unit will revolutionize the "futon".

Patent Certificate 

WNY Biz The Business Council of New York State acknowledges Otis Bed's dedication to the market. Otis directs more attention to details and their loyal dealers to present a visual and highly marketable POP program that is second to none.

Otis Bed spreads its wings and unveils www.otisbed.com to the world! Otis continues to invest in the future of their high performance line by purchasing space in the notorious High Point Furniture Show in the New Market Square Building and will be attending more shows (some new, like the popular San Francisco Design & Furniture Show) than ever!

Expansion time again…The Otis legacy grows another 7500 sq. feet.  This addition was built to accommodate the growing needs of the industry. 
The Futonic family of electric frames grows with the addition of the 1000, 1500, and the 2500 (link to those pages on the Futonic)
Otis Bed goes to High Point!  During the October Market Otis Showed their wares at the High Point Furniture Market in the newest building…Plaza Suites, Market Square on Main
(Article in Furniture Style about Otis)
New Energy Bedrooms ties with Otis Bed to distribute our high performance futons throughout the East Coast.
Otis continues to knock their own line off and introduce the super high performance models…the Orion, Phoenix and Liberty

The Quasar, Otis Bed’s Special Edition viscoelastic and latex-like futon, was introduced to the public in January at the San Francisco Winter Furniture Market.   (insert the photo of the quasar bun)  This high profile, high performance mattress was in R&D for over 2 years and is ready for market.

The Mercury high performance medium profile (true 7”) futon mattress makes its debut at the famed High Point Furniture Market.  The theory behind this mattress is that we combined multi-high density foams to achieve a supportive and comfortable futon that would fit inside a 7” boxing.

Karen Day
, VP of Sales and Marketing for Otis Bed, is elected to serve as a Director on the Board for the FAI (trade association Otis Bed is a member of.)

Another innovative year for Otis… Our network of dealers desire Otis products at every level so we brought Fiber back into our national line of futons.  We became the first manufacturer to compression pack fiber futons and still keep our same philosophy…more foam for more comfort!  We refer to this line as FC…Foam and Cotton, meaning more foam than cotton.  This line includes the Cazenovia, Jamison, Niagara, and the Panama

On the other end of the line Otis emerges with the Pulsar, our second high performance visco-elastic futon.   The public accepts this high-profile (true 8”), high performance futon with conviction and it rapidly becomes the 4th most popular futon in our line!

Karen Day becomes Secretary for the FAI (trade association)

Otis Bed Manufacturing is recognized in Business First as the 38th oldest company in WNY!  Withstanding the test of time, Otis thrives today with the same quality standards as it did back in 1882.  They are known for Innovation in mattress design and manufacturing for hospitals, nursing homes, the government, worldwide retail stores, and private labels for mattresses and futons.  Many of their mattresses went overseas for our US Troops!

Otis Sleep Zones grace the public with the freshest design in sleep.  Otiszones (1 thru 10) make it easy for consumers to choose their comfort level from body molding softness (#1) to an extra-firm feel (#10).   (insert logo of sleep zones and the photo of Brian and I in Bed)
Otis continues its mattress conviction to the USA and makes private label mattresses for several firms and catalog houses.

The Otis “Z” tri-fold futon mattress is introduced at the San Francisco Summer market.  This mattress still keeps our philosophy of “more foam for more comfort” even though it is 70%cotton and 30% foam.  It still has 50% more foam than any cotton-foam futon in the industry.

Otis re-introduces MODULAR Sleep Zones to the market!  Look for great things from Otis Bed at this level!  Taking pride in their home city, Otis Bed Manufacturing anonymously donated the first modular set to the Kevin Guest House, a home for recovering cancer patients that is located in Buffalo NY.  Many other local firms came together to refurbish rooms in this care facility. Otisbed.com gets a well-deserved facelift!

The end of a great run...It is the grand finale for the The San Francisco Market.  Otis publicizes its Fire Safe Mattress and Futon line!  This line was produced to meet and exceed the strict new flammability and saftey standards that will go nationwide in 2006.  Also at this market the Futonic (the Original electronic/remote controlled infinite position futon frame) introduces prototypes for their import line!

PATENT CRAZED OTIS does it again!  Otis Bed Manufacturing holds the patent rights for the new iMod. PERSONAL MODULAR SLEEP SYSTEM! This sleep system utilizesour revolutionary Coil-in-Coil (TM) Support Technology to achieve the optimal balance of comfort and supportat the sleep level to ELIMINATE ALL PRESSURE POINTS!  This is the only innerspring mattress that was created specifically to work with your body type and your sleep style that does NOT create pressure points. The iMod will make ita debut this July at the World Market Center, Las Vegas.

POP mania...All of Otis Bed's brochures get a 3rd generation makeover.  Dealers, these are more retail friendly!  Ask for your new packet today!

July 2005...Otis Bed shows at the First World Market Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. This bi-annual international market will be our main vehicle to introduce and preview our high performance mattresses to the retail buyers!  Don't miss this show!

Otis introduces their "Colors of Comfort!"  Each different mattress has a similar comfort in each of our three different mattress lines.  This makes it easy to to find your correct comfort for each room of your house, rv, and boat!  Get measured for your own Otis Color!  it is easy to find out what color of comfort is best for you.  Plus each line runs from a body contouring comfort, then from soft to firm! 


Distributors receive a new burst of products.  You asked for it and we designed it. Look for more high performance products from Otis in your area! 

The Second Generation iMod.makes the headlines in Las Vegas at the World Market Center (WMC) at the Winter Market this July.  Testing was completed with X-Sensor pads and we received the lowest pressure point readings over any mattress (foam, innerspring, air, and water!!!)  The iMod personal modular sleep system will be offered in a uniform design (one type of Coil-in-Coil spring) or a custom design  (where you can place different comfort levels of Coil-in-Coil innerspring modules where you need it to contour to your body to displace the most amount of pressure.  

oSleeper was another introduction at this market!  This is our solid hardwood, American made, UPS or FedEx ready zero-clearance convertible frame that converts from a couch to la ounge to a bed...or any position you desire!  This combines with an oCushion (our high performance sleep cushioning mattress line) to produce a comfortale evening relaxation or a rejouvinating nights sleep!

The iFluff also debuted at the WMC!  This cushioning systems claim to fame is that it is flippable and fluffable!  Dual comfort is derived from its unique design...one side is soft and the other side is firm.  A Visco elastic foam is available to the person who desires a body molding contour to their sleep or seating position.  is available in a one piece or two piece


January 2007...Otis debuts our new updated C-Class, H-Class, and S-Class for 2007!  Our C-Class is newly designed for Convertible Sleepers and Futons!  The H-Class are muti-function Hybrid High Performance Mattresses.  These environmentally conscious mattresses will surprise you in their comfort and long-term use and may be used on platform beds, daybeds, trundle beds, boats, motor homes, and convertible futon frames!  The Otis S-Class are mattresses we designed for Sleep...full time or guest beds!  Experience Otis Comfort! 


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