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Otis Futons are performance tested to verify quality!
All Otis futons are load tested on the *Cornell testing machine which assesses the initial nature and resilience of key performance characteristics of any mattress construction. (The Cornell mattress-testing machine rams a 230-pound weight, 100,000 times directly into the mattress for a 10-hour period. This grueling test measures each mattress constructions ability to maintain its support firmness (feel of mattress) and shape.

Futon Mattress Support Factor Durability Comparison Graph

Trend Line Slope Analysis
A mattress construction that has a consistent support factor (a mostly horizontal line) indicates an energy to maintain itself more effectively than a construction whose trend line is positively or negatively sloped.

  • Uphill Slope - Mattress construction loses initial supportive feel and becomes noticeably softer with use
  • Downhill Slope - Mattress construction loses initial supportive feel and becomes noticeably firmer with use.
  • Flat - Mattress construction's initial feel is "changeless" This proves that Otis Bed's products are the best support factors in the industry and that means to you… long term product performance!

*The Cornell mattress testing machine and testing procedures are the result of 11 year cooperative effort between the National Association of Bedding Manufacturers, The American Hotel and Motel Association, and The Cornell School of Hotel Administration to establish guidelines of performance characteristics in a mattress sleep system that identifies its ability to withstand 10 years of contract grade (or hard) use.

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