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  1. QuasarTwill (7 1/2 oz) or Belgian damask (optional) fabric is used to provide natural comfort to your body and is the most durable fabric under compression
  2. 5”of multiple high density foams for added life, firm support and to prevent “bottoming out”
  3. A1” wrap of thermally bonded polyester is used to enhance total body comfort feeling
  4. 3” convoluted Neutron™ (4.0 HD) foam for inherent resiliency, supreme support, and flexibility while providing natural ventilation that is advised for allergy and asthma sufferers.
  5. Tape Edge Construction that delivers a uniform tailored look structure life lines that give a true reading on the thickness of the mattress.
  6. A2” layer of Viscoelastic thermal foam (5.0 HDV) for unbelievable pressure reducing comfort that adjusts to your body’s weight and temperature for maximum comfort and support
  7. The exclusive Otis Comfort Lock Cushioning System™ tensions all 12” of material inside to develop a specific comfort level that remains consistent over many years of use. This pressurization activates its energetic bond between the “quad” different densities of foam
For a mattress to retain its shape and comfort level the materials it is filled with must be able to retain their shape and supportive character.

This pressure management mattress is designed for undeniable comfort, individualized comfort, and lifetime durability. Instantaneously conforms to and supports the body regardless of the persons size or weight.
  • BodySensoring Viscoelastic VHD Memory Foam for pressure reducing motionless sleep and total body comfort.
  • Absorbs body weight so there is no transfer of motion for undisturbed peaceful comfort
  • Topically supple with the added bonus of moldable support and an extra firm base so you can never “bottom out!”
  • Superior High Performance Quad Density foam construction.
  • Non-Flip Mattress
We put our 120 years of experience to work for you in this special edition non-flip mattress.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Quasar is a non-flip design. The damask fabric (white) always should be on top. The Visco Memory Foam is just underneath the cover.

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