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More foam. More Comfort.
Ultra-Premium Sleeping Comfort.

A unique firmness with an energized center! Sleeping has never been this contouring and comfortable.
This comfort level is unmatched and popular with people retro-fitting their waterbed mattresses (just include the correct waterbed size needed by measuring the inside dimensions - length, width and height)


Ultra-Premium Sleeping Comfort. It truly is the GEM-IN our line! Compares favorably to *Natural Latex!

  • Comfort Level..A unique firmness with an energized center that creates a feel that rivals premium mattresses, even latex mattresses.
  • Durability..10-15+ years, designed for everyday use
  • Thickness..A TRUE 8" that performs like one twice its size…guaranteed! (16" of goods compressed to fit inside an 8" border)
  • Weight..per full size…70 pounds
  • Popularity.."The Gem of our line" …for premium mattresses it is #1. This mattress likens the feel and durability of natural latex, but is about one-third the cost of *100% Natural Latex!
  • Cost..premium prices

*It is important to note that for a product to be a True Latex product (which is actually made from the sap of a rubber tree, so is a rubber product, not a foam product), it will state 100% Natural Latex. Natural Latex could have trace amounts of latex inside, but is not the true thing. The Gemini mattress actually performs like the real thing!

A special blend of Atomic™ Soft Foam Cushioning and "egg-crate" cut super high density Neutron™ High Support Foam Cushioning.

Pressurized Construction - it makes all the difference in the world! The Earth's atmosphere is made up of trillions of cubic feet of air. With automobile tires, compressed air allows you to drive down the highway in smooth comfort… The basic benefit of all 3 (the atmosphere, tires and Otis mattresses) is pressurization!

PRESSURIZATION IS VALUABLE. PRESSURIZATION IS NECESSARY FOR LIFE. As appropriately pressurized air allows us to breath giving energy to our being, appropriate pressurization of resilient cushioning materials energizes the entire mattress, giving the added strength to better maintain itself with use. *Your mattress is the most important part…make sure you choose a good one!

Bench Built - hand made quality assures uniformity and quality control on each mattress.

Box Edges - for a TRUE reading of thickness, 8" or 6"

Overstuffed - generous amounts (approx. 14") of different combinations of highly resilient multi-high-density foam and fiber that create an "inside out" force against the mattress ticking that is necessary for proper and comfortable support, whether sitting or sleeping.

Tape Edge Closure - expert mattress tailoring operation that seals the comfort inside the mattress, insures proper placement of materials in the cover and reinforces the edges to present a clean tailored look instead of a "haphazardly stuffed look."

Compression Lace Tufting - This customized process alone will differentiate an Otis mattress from any other! CLT serves to compress, strengthen and control the overstuffed cushioning materials. Our "button-less" tufting process forces the foam, fibers, springs an mattress fabric to work together to create a supportive synergy that produces a comfort level unique to each mattress… bottom line, your mattress will feel as supportive as it did on the first day.

Key Value Messages for Otis Platform Beds

To supply a cushioning product that is of outstanding overall value, which results in the end user being willing to refer Otis Bed to others. The aim for our mattresses is simple. To be as COMFORTABLE as they are DURABLE.

Comfortable - To be as flexible as it is comfortable, not to cause painful, unhealthy pressure points *(which affect circulation to joints and surrounding tissue) for the occasional or every night sleeper. "As a supplier of pressure management therapy mattresses to the health care industry, we feel uniquely qualified to present mattress constructions with these claims."

Durable - While nothing lasts forever, this mattress is engineered to keep its shape and resist change in firmness on the edge and other critical sitting and sleeping areas better than any cotton based mattress construction.
More resilient top quality cushioning materials.

Foam is like air:

  • Both are made from atoms.
  • Both can be pressurized or compressed and held within a container of specific type.
  • Both can increase the number of atoms working together without increasing the volume they work within.
    • with air, increased atoms in a given space will raise pressure values (PSI).
    • with foam, increased atoms in a given space will thicken cellular "walls" and raise the density, or weight per cubic foot.
  • Both depend on an appropriate number of atoms to properly support weight.
    • with a tire, pounds of air pressure per square inch (PSI) is the key measure of the number of atoms present in a given volume of air. Increasing the number of atoms increases PSI.
    • foam density, or pounds of material per cubic foot, is the key measure of the number of atoms present in a given volume of foam. Increasing the number of atoms increases density.
  • Both can "leak" support.
    • a hole in a tire can bring about an immediate loss of pressure and weight bearing capacity.
    • foam leaks support imperceptibly, and is caused primarily by an inadequate amount of atoms working together to accomplish the task they are being asked to do (i.e. inadequate density).
  • Both can be greatly effected by changes in the percentages of atoms present in a given mixture.
    • air with a 50/50 hydrogen, argon blend would be tough to breathe indeed.
    • the increased or decreased presence of hydrogen "reacting" sites can point to a foam of more or less firmness and rigidity.
  • Both are recyclable.

Foam is unlike air:

  • Foam is a visible compound.
  • Foam does not automatically become firmer as the number of atoms increases within the same volume.
  • Foam is smooth and uniform in shape.
  • Foam absorbs body weight (heavier parts sink in further).
    • air displaces body weight.
  • Foam cannot increase or decrease the number of atoms, to become more or less firm once it is formed.

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