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Our Allerest™ Cotton Mattress undergoes a specialized process to assure the allergy patient as restful night as possible. Part of this process includes Bench-Building, which is a hand-layering style of building to assure uniformity in each layer and quality control as it is made.

Cotton LayersThis 100% pure virgin cotton mattress has an all natural untreated cotton ticking (the mattress cover material) that is pre-washed a multiple amount of times in a specialized solution for added protection against possible irritants to the individual. Several uniform layers of organic cotton are then stacked inside the cover to create the inner-support and comfort that only natural cotton can give. A pressurized lace-tufting process is the final phase to produce this mattress and this serves to contain the inside layers and keep them from shifting.

If flexibility is important, this mattress is able to bend, fold, or adjust to a convenient position. Also, this type of allergy free mattress can be utilized on a platform bed frame or a convertible futon frame (one that adjusts to a couch, bed, lounger).

Support Rating - 6"..Firm to X-firm
8"..Plush firm

TimeLine TimeLine

Optional: Add lush layers of pure wool to create a less firm, plush feel also cuts down on cotton dust. Custom sizes and thickness are available

Everlast Support Unit, due to its inherent design, this cotton mattress can perform without the need of a foundation. The flexibility of the cotton allows this mattress to bend on a frame that converts from a bed to a sofa. Some special edition platform beds are low to the ground; this wooden support would allow the mattress to rest at a traditional sleeping height.

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